May 2019

Amethyst Geode, Brazil

This amazing geode was found in Brazil. Amethyst is a quartz with a high concentration of manganese. Geodes are the result of volcanic activity.

megalodon Tooth, south Carolina

Megalodon Shark teeth. This shark averaged lengths of 50-60 feet long and sported up to 7 rows of teeth ranging from 1″ to almost 8 inches. South Carolina, approx 15 million years ago.

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Collector coin machine

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Orthoceras plate

This beauty is approx 600 millions old! Primitive fossilized squid like cephalopods.

Mammoth couple

This is a beautiful set of tusks. The tapered smaller tusk is a 100% natural female, the thicker all natural is a male. Amazing pair!

Camarasaurus tail

These amazing 15 foot tail is nearly complete! Found in Wyoming, this fabulous fossil tells great stories.

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