June 2019

New books are in!

Come explore all there is to know about prehistoric life in these new books.

15 foot long Camarasaurus tail

This incredible tail is from a longed neck Sauropod called Camarasaurus. This amazing specimen is approx 15 feet long and 95% original. The dinosaur was found in Wyoming and dates back 200 million years. Come and see it at Prehistoric Lincoln City. It is very complete and amazing.

New Brass Medallions Press

4 styles of fun brass medallions available at Prehistoric in beautiful Lincoln City, Oregon.

Kids Always Welcome for Plenty of Fun

Your little ones are always welcome at Prehistoric. Geode breaking, gem mining sluice and a free dinosaur dig site are just a few if the fun activities for them.

Dinosaur Coprolites

What a fun gag gift for dad for fathers day. Millions of years in the making, these fun coprolites will encourage conversation and laughs.

Orthoceras is a Fossil Squid Like Creature

The fossil known as Orthoceras were named after the long straight shell the lived in. It is also the ancient ancestor to the present day squid and the oldest multicellular creature we have discovered. It is also what we know to be the first multicellular creature ever!

Fathers day gift ideas

Use trex20 discount code for 20% off most items on www.prehistoricoregon.com Dad will love all of the historical and natural artifacts we have to offer. Nothing tells a story better than a fossil or mineral.

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