Polychrome Jasper Madagascar Limits Stress


Polychrome Jasper


Helps limit and control stress levels

Measures 3 1/2 inches

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Polychrome Jasper is a beautiful multi colored Jasper found in Madagascar. Beautiful earthy tones add color to any home decor. Polychrome Jasper helps limit and control stress levels.
Jasper is an opaque rock of virtually any color stemming from the mineral content of the original sediments or ash. Patterns arise during the consolidation process forming flow and depositional patterns in the original silica rich sediment or volcanic ash. Hydrothermal circulation is generally thought to be required in the formation of jasper.

Jasper can be modified by the diffusion of minerals along discontinuities providing the appearance of vegetative growth, i.e., dendritic. The original materials are often fractured and/or distorted, after deposition, into myriad beautiful patterns which are to be later filled with other colorful minerals. Weathering, with time, will create intensely colored superficial rinds.

The classification and naming of jasper varieties presents a challenge. Terms attributed to various well-defined materials includes the geographic locality where it is found, sometimes quite restricted such as “Bruneau” (a canyon) and “Lahontan” (a lake), rivers and even individual mountains, many are fanciful such as “forest fire” or “rainbow”, while others are descriptive such as “autumn” or “porcelain”. A few are designated by the place of origin such as a brown Egyptian or red African.

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