Citrine, Brazil 253 Carats


Quartz var. Citrine


253 carats

Dimensions:  2.0″ x 1.5″

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Citrine is a beautiful gemstone that has become quite popular over the last few decades. While it is made from quartz (the most common type of mineral), it is quite rare in its natural form. Citrine has a beautiful yellow color which can vary from a light or pale yellow, to a yellowish orange to having other colors present such as a red or brown tinge. Citrine gets its wonderful hues from the small particles of iron trapped in this quartz mineral. In fact, Citrine usually has only about 40 parts per million particles of iron. The oxidation of this iron is what gives the Citrine its yellow or yellow orange color. It should be noted that Citrine is associated with Amethyst. It is in fact the substance, except it has a different oxidation state of the iron present. This means that you can easily heat up Amethyst to create Citrine.




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