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Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  Talk about a neat place. Don't ask them if it's all real, because unless its otherwise marked as a replica, it's all real! There is so much cool stuff in this place! Keep your little kids fingers to themselves and everyone can enjoy this place.


    review rating 5  Super cool! Must go for all ages! You can even break your own geode right there! The guy that help us was full of neat information!

    thumb Amanda Snyder-Meadows

    review rating 3  It was very interesting kinda thought it was more kid friendly. From other reviews. But definitely worth the time to vist. Love dinosaur stuff. Wish there was a coin press there for pennies 😍

    thumb Terry Lashly
  • review rating 3  Cool place to visit, but extremely pricey. They have a wide variety of fossils and minerals as well as a few interactive displays and activities. Nice place to look around during you coastal vacation, but too rich for my blood. Many of the fossils they display can be bought for 50% or more less online. Super friendly people, very organized and neat.

    thumb Adam Yates

    review rating 3  This place was pretty cool. Lots of cool stuff to look at... Fossils, rocks, dinosaur bones and skeletons. They have little area to sift through sand in water to find your own rocks and minerals. From the out side it looks kid friendly. They have a big mechanical dinosaur to greet you as you walk in. But it is not all that kid friendly. You'd think a place that is all about dinosaurs and fossils and even sells children's toys would be more accommodating for families with kids but we felt so unwanted there. We brought our 2 and 3 year old who are obsessed with dinosaurs. The workers here were extremely unfriendly to us. They literally followed us and hovered over us just because we had kids. Our kids were extremely well behaved and didn't touch anything. It was extremely uncomfortable for us and we had driven an hour to come check the place out. Everything is over priced, even the small common rocks. If you don't have kids this could be a great place to visit. I don't think we'll return however.

    thumb Bonnie Young

    review rating 5  This place is awesome. They carry real fossils of all kinds. Lots of the pieces are expensive, but you can find something in your price range here. The staff are super friendly and helpful. They have some really cool fossils on display if you just want to peruse. I bought some small fossils for my kids. They loved them. I will definitely go back next time I go to the coast.

    thumb Katherine Gonzales