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2 weeks ago

Get ready to go back in time! Tune into Boss 100.7 radio Wednesday, January 30th, from 8am-9am to hear about the amazing things we have and do here at Prehistoric Oregon!

Featuring Douglas ... See more

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3 weeks ago
Selenite Archives - Prehistoric Online

Discover the healing power of Selenite. While promoting clarity and peace of mind, selenite is one of the most beautiful naturally fiber optic minerals. Get yours today and light up your ... See more

3 weeks ago
Gemstones Archives - Prehistoric Online

Have you ever wanted to create a unique, one of a kind piece of jewelry just for yourself? Now you can! Click the link and choose your favorite ... See more

1 month ago
Prehistoric Online

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Welcome to Prehistoric Online. We hope you have had the opportunity to visit our gallery on the beautiful Oregon Coast. This website is a continuation of our extensive collection of rare and special ... See more

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