All items purchased from Prehistoric are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

Certificate of Authenticity is provided with every fossil, mineral, and meteorite purchase. All of our fossils are legally obtained and professionally prepared. We source our natural wonders through our long established mines/quarries and prep labs so we can guarantee quality, authenticity and legality. Many online sellers alter their natural fossils which lowers the value and authenticity of that fossil. For example: Megalodon teeth from Prehistoric are ocean/river fresh, we clean the calcite off but do no other altercations. Many ebay and online sellers may carve a tooth out of stone and paint it so it looks like a megalodon tooth, while others will take a half a tooth and restore (add a second half) it to what appears to be a complete tooth. The value of these teeth are a fraction of what an authentic tooth would cost. Fossils inherently are found needing preparing, but don’t be confused by sellers selling inferior, altered pieces at seemingly low prices. Real fossils are special whether they are perfect or not.

Sample Certificate you will receive with every purchase.

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