Oddities / Taxidermy

Oddities and taxidermy often intertwine in the realm of curious collections and macabre displays. Taxidermy, the art of preserving animal bodies, has a long history dating back centuries. However, it’s in the realm of oddities where taxidermy truly takes on a unique form. Strange and exotic animals, mythical creatures, and even anthropomorphic scenes are recreated through this art form. From two-headed calves to preserved octopuses in jars, oddities captivate with their eccentricity and curiosity. Taxidermy, in this context, serves not only as a preservation technique but also as a means of artistic expression and storytelling. These peculiar displays often find homes in curiosity shops, museums of the bizarre, and the private collections of enthusiasts fascinated by the strange and unusual.
Bugs Bugs and more Bugs, The art of insect taxidermy
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