Opals of the World

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Opals from Oregon, Australia, and Ethiopia represent some of the most sought-after varieties of this mesmerizing gemstone, each offering its unique characteristics and allure.

Oregon opals, primarily found in the volcanic regions of the state, are known for their distinctive play-of-color and transparency. These opals often display vibrant hues of red, orange, and yellow, set against a translucent to opaque background. Oregon opals are treasured for their warm, fiery colors and unique patterns, making them popular choices for jewelry and lapidary art.

Australian opals are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality, diversity, and stunning play-of-color. The country is the primary source of precious opals, including varieties such as black opal, boulder opal, and white opal. Australian opals exhibit a wide range of colors and patterns, from brilliant flashes of red and blue to mesmerizing greens and purples. These opals are highly prized for their vibrant hues and iridescent beauty, commanding premium prices in the gemstone market.

Ethiopian opals have gained popularity in recent years for their fiery play-of-color and transparency. Found in the Wollo Province and other regions, Ethiopian opals often display vivid hues of red, orange, and green, with spectacular patterns and brightness. These opals are prized for their exceptional clarity and intense color saturation, offering a dazzling alternative to traditional opal sources.

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