What are Metaphysical properties of Rocks, Crystals and Minerals? A metaphysical property for instance, may be about spirits, faith healing, healing properties or energies of rocks, minerals and crystals, etc.

All the necessary conditions (temperature, pressure, and chemical elements) combine in a particular way at a particular time to facilitate a minerals/crystals birth and growth. The rocks that make up the earth’s crust comprise our mountain ranges and canyons – have all undergone and continue to experience great change. Rocks were once liquid – molten lava – that have cooled and become solid. Rocks are the result of the massive accumulation of particles and plant and animal life that are compacted down, layer by layer. Rocks can not only bend, compress, and erode over time and from the elements, but can even change into different rocks, by extreme pressure, temperature, and chemical activity. Rocks truly do give us an amazing glimpse into the past. Crystals in particular do indeed have “energy.” Why do you think it is quartz crystal that is used in watches and radios? A quartz crystal is an oscillator – it receives, transmits, and stores energy, and this energy is pure energy. The energy emanating from a quartz crystal when held in your hand is direct from nature and pure as nature intended it.

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