Fluorite from China

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Fluorite from China is among the most renowned and sought-after in the world due to its exceptional color, clarity, and size. China is the largest producer of fluorite globally, with significant deposits located in provinces such as Hunan, Fujian, and Inner Mongolia.

Hunan Province, in particular, is famous for its fluorite mines, including the renowned Xianghuapu Mine and the Huanggang Mine. These mines yield fluorite specimens prized for their vibrant colors, which include deep purples, blues, greens, and yellows. The fluorite crystals from Hunan often exhibit excellent transparency and luster, making them highly desirable among collectors and lapidaries.

Fujian Province also boasts significant fluorite deposits, notably in the Yongchun County area. Fluorite specimens from this region are known for their unique color zoning and distinctive crystal habits. Some specimens exhibit banded patterns of purple and white, while others display intricate stepped growth formations.

Inner Mongolia is another important fluorite-producing region in China, with mines such as the Shangbao Mine and the Weishan Mine. Fluorite specimens from Inner Mongolia often feature large, well-defined crystals in hues ranging from light green to deep purple.

Chinese fluorite is valued not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its practical applications. It is commonly used in industrial processes such as steelmaking, cement production, and aluminum refining. Additionally, Chinese fluorite is sought after in the jewelry industry, where it is cut and polished into gemstones for use in rings, pendants, and other ornaments.

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