Megalodon 5- 6 1/2" teeth

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Megalodon shark teeth over 5 inches are considered rare and highly sought after by collectors due to their size and the impressive jaws they once belonged to. These teeth are prized not only for their size but also for their rarity, as they represent the largest and most formidable specimens of this extinct shark species.

The rarity of Megalodon teeth over 5 inches can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the size of the teeth indicates that they likely belonged to larger individuals of the species, which were less common compared to smaller individuals. Megalodon sharks varied in size, with larger individuals being less common in the ancient oceans.

Secondly, the preservation of such large teeth is a factor. Larger teeth are more susceptible to damage and breakage over time, making them less likely to be found in pristine condition. Additionally, the fossilization process itself can be selective, with only a small percentage of teeth being preserved intact over millions of years.

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