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Collector coin machine

4 new collector medallion coins now available at Prehistoric in Lincoln City!

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Mammoth couple

This is a beautiful set of tusks. The tapered smaller tusk is a 100% natural female, the thicker all natural is a male. Amazing pair!

img 8358

Camarasaurus tail

These amazing 15 foot tail is nearly complete! Found in Wyoming, this fabulous fossil tells great stories.

img 8356

Notogonia and Knightia fish

This amazing fish mural is from the famous Green River Formation of Wyoming! Dating back to 55 million years. The Notogonia has clearly defined scales. What a beautiful specimen.

img 8353

A gift from space

This beautiful meteorite is sliced to show its gorgeous widmanstattan pattern! This beauty was found in Argentina.

img 8293

Stingray fossil

This amazing stingray is from the world famous Green River Formation of Wyoming!

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