Onchopristis, fossil sawfish barb. This well detailed fossil is from Morocco.

Onchopristis: The ancient Sawfish

The ancient seas and rivers that once covered our planet were teeming with a variety of fascinating creatures, including the fearsome-looking sawfish. Among these ancient sawfish, Onchopristis stands out as one of the most intriguing genera, with its long, blade-like rostrum lined with sharp teeth. Fossil remains of Onchopristis have been unearthed in various parts of the …

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Moldavite tektites displayed on a selenite mineral charging disc. Moldavite is only found in the Czech Republic

Tektites of the world

Tektites are fascinating natural glasses that have puzzled scientists and intrigued collectors for decades. These unique materials are believed to have extraterrestrial origins and are found scattered across the Earth’s surface in various regions. Despite being terrestrial in nature, their formation processes remain a subject of scientific debate, adding to their mystique and allure. Formation …

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This one of a kind pendant contains a silver pirate skull with a copper nail through its head and a 8 Reale pirate silver coin! Designed and created by world, famous U-boat, hunter, Darrell Miklos

Pirate shipwreck treasure coins

The 17th century was a time of great maritime adventure and intrigue, with Spanish pirate coins playing a central role in the tales of shipwrecks, pirates, and lost treasures. These coins, minted in the Spanish colonies of the New World, hold within them stories of daring buccaneers, ill-fated ships, and vast riches lost to the …

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Muzo mine, Columbian emerald crystal in matrix. Deep green color offset by black matrix

Emeralds, The Loyal Mineral

Emeralds, the vibrant green gemstones, have captivated humans for centuries with their stunning beauty and rarity. This post provides an in-depth look at emeralds, focusing on those found in Nigeria and the renowned Muzo Mines. From their formation deep within the Earth’s crust to their historical significance and modern uses, emeralds are truly fascinating gems. …

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spectacular blue morpho butterfly, vibrant shimmering blue color

Butterflies, Natures Miracle in all her Colors

Butterflies, members of the order Lepidoptera, are fascinating insects admired for their exquisite beauty, intricate life cycles, and crucial ecological roles. With over 20,000 species worldwide, butterflies exhibit incredible diversity in color, size, and behavior. This extensive group is distributed across various ecosystems, from dense rainforests to arid deserts, showcasing their adaptability to different environments. …

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Vanadinite, Moroccos gorgeous crystals

Vanadinite crystals from Morocco are a captivating and sought-after mineral specimen known for their vibrant colors, distinctive crystal formations, and intriguing metaphysical properties. These crystals belong to the apatite group and are composed of lead chlorovanadate. The name “vanadinite” is derived from the presence of vanadium in its chemical composition. Morocco, particularly the Mibladen mining …

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Fossil Coral

Fossilized coral, a captivating aspect of Earth’s geological history, provides a unique window into ancient marine ecosystems. The process of fossilization preserves the intricate structures of coral colonies, allowing scientists and enthusiasts alike to unravel the mysteries of past environments. Within the realm of fossilized coral, two notable genera, Rugosa and Hexagonia, stand out for …

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