Diamonds are formed from pure carbon, most were formed hundreds of millions of years ago deep within the earth’s crust. Most Diamonds were formed at a depth of about 100 miles and slowly have surfaced throughout the years.

They tend to surface with lava flows and sedimentary veins. They also can come up through the sea beds as this is why they are often found loose near the shore line. However for the most part, the majority of Diamonds found are mined currently in South Africa and other sub Saharan African countries. Diamonds come in a variety of colors, although a clear Diamond is the most commonly known. However the rarest form of Diamond is a blue Diamond which has traces of Borate. While clear Diamonds are usually sold commercially, Diamonds can come in colors called Sports.

Sports are rich colors such as canary yellow, copper, black and even red. Diamonds that are clear sometimes have a tinge of yellow in them. The more yellow a Diamond has, the less valuable it is unless, of course it is a sport of canary yellow. Diamonds were first found and used in India and the mention of Diamonds has shown up in writings dating back to 300 years BC. They were used as amulets and ornamental jewelry. For the first 1,000 years AD, Diamonds virtually disappeared from Europe due to two phenomenons, they were shunned by the church, due to their pagan religious preferences and they were mostly found in Asia, which was not a trade partner of Europe at the time. However, as trade grew with Asia, Diamonds once again became popular.

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