Topaz is a wonderful gemstone that is extremely popular and found in many regions around the world. Topaz has been known to man for millennia and the name Topaz was generally used for any stone that was yellow in color. Topaz is a type of fluorosilicate. It is created from many elements including aluminum, fluoride, silicon and oxygen. Besides these elements, it also can include trace elements that can help create or enhance the color of the Topaz. Topaz is found usually near silica rocks that are volcanic in origin. It is also found in volcanic cavities and in pegmatites. Topaz is pretty hard and scores an 8 on the Moh’s hardness scale. However, it should be noted that because of its cleavage, it can be very brittle at times and must be cut properly.

Topaz comes in many colors including yellow, blue, green, pale pink, red, lavender, brown and colorless. Usually blue, colorless and yellow are the most popular and red and lavender are the most rare. Topaz sold commercially is usually enhanced by heating or radiating the color centers. Usually blue is the most enhanced and certain Topaz gemstones are known to fade due to intense heat or even sunlight. Topaz is available in many regions and is specifically mined in Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

However, some colors are usually mined at specific locations. For instance, blue from Brazil, pink from Sri Lanka and yellow from Germany. Topaz is one of the most popular gemstones available. It comes in a large variety of attractive colors; it can be cut in many different shapes and comes in sizes that are less than a carat or large masses that can compliment any large jewelry piece. Topaz comes in a wide variety of colors; however the most popular color is blue.

Blue Topaz is known to be the most popular of all the gemstones commercially sold in multi carat sizes. Due to its beautiful color and affordable price, Blue Topaz is always in demand. Another popular Topaz color is yellow. Yellow Topaz is very affordable and it is sometimes sold as substitute for Citrine. There are also rare colored Topaz, they include red and lavender. Naturally red or lavender Topaz are very expensive, especially when compared to blue or yellow. Topaz is cut into a multitude of shapes and can be set for rings, bracelets, charms, earrings and brooches.

Because large sizes of this stone are affordable and available, this stone can used to create almost any type of fine jewelry piece. It should be noted that Topaz is almost always enhanced. This means that it is generally heated or irradiated to created stronger hues and specific colors. Practically all Blue Topaz is enhanced and the quality is usually superb. It should be noted the due to the chemical nature of Topaz, you should refrain from coming in contact with intense heat, sonic waves and other types of radiation.

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