Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles of the clade Dinosauria. They first appeared during the Triassic period, between 243 and 233.23 million years ago. They became the dominant vertebrates after the Triassic–Jurassic extinction event 201 million years ago; their dominance continued through the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Reverse genetic engineering and the fossil record both demonstrate that birds are modern feathered dinosaurs, having evolved from earlier theropods during the late Jurassic Period.

Prehistoric specializes in exquisite fossils from species ranging from Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, Raptors, Camarasaurus, Diplodocus, Carcharadontosaurus, Mososaurus, and many many more. Teeth, claws, bones, and even full skeletons are our specialty.

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