Ron Kless Collection: Oregon Coast

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Ron Kless has been a rock hound his entire life.  His family has been on the coast since the late 40’s.  In 1965 Ron joined the Clackamette Mineral and Gem club. He attended lapidary classes for making cabs, lamps, and tables using a variety of minerals.  Ron was inspired by many shows over the years and took up wire wrapping as a passion.  Having the flexibility of shapes and varieties of minerals Ron perfected his craft.

In 1993 Ron Kless and his family moved to the Oregon coast.  On the coast he became a member of the North Lincoln Agate club where he was a member until 2014.  He is a self taught wire wrapper and is considered one of the best.  Rons passion for the craft has turned his items into one of a kind work of art.

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