Calcite thumbnail crystal, Elmwood Mine, TN

Calcite thumbnail crystal,

Location: Elmwood Mine, TN

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Calcite thumbnail crystal, Elmwood Mine, TN.

Calcite specimens from the Elmwood Mine in Tennessee are celebrated for their exceptional crystal clarity, vibrant colors, and distinctive crystal formations. The Elmwood Mine, located near Carthage in Smith County, is renowned as one of the world’s premier sources for high-quality calcite specimens.

Elmwood calcite exhibits a diverse range of colors, including transparent, colorless crystals as well as shades of amber, golden yellow, pink, and green. The crystal formations vary from classic rhombohedral shapes to complex scalenohedral and dogtooth structures, contributing to the visual diversity of specimens from this location.

One of the notable features of Elmwood calcite is its often exceptional transparency and internal clarity, allowing for the passage of light through the crystals. This transparency enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, making Elmwood calcite a sought-after addition to mineral collections.

The Elmwood Mine is also known for producing calcite specimens associated with other minerals, such as fluorite, sphalerite, and barite. These combinations create visually stunning and intricate mineral specimens, further contributing to the desirability of Elmwood calcite.

Beyond its visual allure, Elmwood calcite carries historical significance as the mine has been a prolific source of fine mineral specimens since the late 20th century. Collectors and mineral enthusiasts appreciate Elmwood calcite not only for its beauty but also for its contribution to the broader understanding of mineralogy and the geological processes that shaped this remarkable deposit in Tennessee

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Calcite thumbnail crystal, Elmwood Mine, TN Prehistoric OnlineCalcite thumbnail crystal, Elmwood Mine, TN

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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