Linarite rare thumbnail mineral, New Mexico

Linarite rare thumbnail mineral

Location: New Mexico

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Linarite rare thumbnail mineral, New Mexico.

Linarite is a rare and visually striking mineral known for its vibrant azure-blue to deep indigo coloration. This secondary lead-copper sulfate mineral forms in oxidized lead and copper deposits and often occurs as prismatic crystals or massive aggregates. The intense blue color is a result of copper impurities within its crystalline structure.

One of the distinctive features of linarite is its beautiful crystal formations, commonly found in elongated prisms or tabular crystals. The crystals can exhibit a transparent to translucent quality, allowing light to play a role in enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Linarite is prized by mineral enthusiasts for its rarity, stunning color, and unique crystal habits.

This mineral has been discovered in various locations worldwide, including the United States, Mexico, England, Australia, and Namibia. However, linarite is typically found in small quantities, contributing to its status as a collector’s gem. Due to its scarcity and captivating appearance, linarite specimens are sought after by mineral collectors and often serve as prized additions to mineralogical collections, showcasing the beauty that emerges from the Earth’s geological processes.

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Linarite rare thumbnail mineral, New Mexico Prehistoric OnlineLinarite rare thumbnail mineral, New Mexico

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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