Megalodon Tooth- 3.83″

Megalodon Tooth- 3.83″ Prehistoric Online
Megalodon Tooth- 3.83″ Prehistoric Online
Megalodon Tooth- 3.83″ Prehistoric Online
Megalodon Tooth- 3.83″ Prehistoric Online

Megalodon Shark Tooth- 3.83″

Approx 10-15 Myo

S. Georgia

3.83″ long


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Megalodon tooth from South Georgia. This tooth measures 3.83 inches and is perfect.. An exceptionally rare tooth with a gorgeous coffee color.

All Megalodon sold by Prehistoric are 100% natural, no restoration and no paint!  You can buy with the upmost certainty of the authenticity.  South Georgia teeth are extremely difficult to find.  The quality of S. Georgia teeth are unparalleled.  Serrations are very prominent and teeth are mostly near perfect or better.

The Megalodon, a colossal predator of the ancient seas, reigned as one of the largest and most powerful sharks to have ever existed. Belonging to the extinct Otodontidae family, these creatures prowled the oceans around 23 to 3.6 million years ago during the Cenozoic Era.

With estimates suggesting lengths reaching up to 60 feet or more, Megalodons dwarfed modern sharks, possessing a set of teeth measuring several inches long. Their jaw span and bite force were phenomenal, enabling them to take down massive prey including whales, seals, and other marine mammals. Their teeth, triangular and serrated, are among the most commonly found fossils today, giving insight into their immense size and predatory nature.

These apex predators likely roamed the warmer, coastal waters across the globe, utilizing their incredible senses to hunt efficiently. Despite their colossal size, Megalodons were adept swimmers, capable of swift movements thanks to their streamlined bodies. Their extinction, around 3.6 million years ago, remains a subject of debate among scientists, with hypotheses ranging from climate change to shifts in prey populations as potential causes.

Studying Megalodons offers a glimpse into the ancient marine ecosystems, shedding light on the interactions between these giants and their environment. While they’ve captured the fascination of many due to their immense size and terrifying presence, much about their behavior and biology remains speculative due to the limited fossil record available.

The legend of the Megalodon persists in popular culture, inspiring books, movies, and documentaries that speculate on their existence in the deep, unexplored waters. Despite their extinction, their legacy endures as a reminder of the ocean’s mysterious and awe-inspiring past.

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Megalodon Tooth- 3.83″ Prehistoric OnlineMegalodon Tooth- 3.83″

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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