Sericho Meteorite, Stony Iron Pallasite

Sericho Meteorite, Stony Iron Pallasite Prehistoric Online
Sericho Meteorite, Stony Iron Pallasite Prehistoric Online

Stony Iron Pallasite Meteorite


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Sericho Meteorite, Stony Iron Pallasite with olivine crystals.

Iron meteorites, also known as siderites, or ferrous meteorites, are a type of meteorite that consist overwhelmingly of an iron–nickel alloy known as meteoric iron that usually consists of two mineral phases: kamacite and taenite.

Sericho meteorites, also known as Habaswein meteorites, are extraordinary celestial remnants that captivate both scientists and collectors alike. Discovered in Kenya, these meteorites are a type of pallasite—a rare class of meteorite composed of olivine crystals embedded in an iron-nickel matrix.

What makes Sericho meteorites exceptional is their stunning visual appeal. When sliced open, these meteorites reveal an exquisite interplay of olivine gemstones and metallic matrix, creating a mesmerizing mosaic resembling a cosmic work of art. The vibrant green olivine crystals, formed under extreme conditions in space, contrast beautifully with the metallic backdrop, showcasing nature’s artistic prowess.

Believed to have originated from the core-mantle boundary of a disrupted asteroid, Sericho meteorites traveled through space for millions of years before landing on Earth. Their discovery in the deserts of Kenya adds to their allure, hinting at a journey across the vast cosmos and surviving the fiery descent through Earth’s atmosphere.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, Sericho meteorites provide scientists with valuable insights into the early solar system’s formation and composition. Studying these meteorites helps unravel mysteries about the origins of our universe, shedding light on the processes that shaped celestial bodies billions of years ago.

For collectors and enthusiasts, owning a piece of Sericho meteorite is not just possessing a fragment of space but holding a tangible piece of cosmic history—a reminder of the wonders of the universe and the enduring fascination it holds for humanity.

Weight 3 oz
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Sericho Meteorite, Stony Iron Pallasite Prehistoric OnlineSericho Meteorite, Stony Iron Pallasite

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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