Steampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings

Steampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings Prehistoric Online
Steampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings Prehistoric Online
Steampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings Prehistoric Online
Steampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings Prehistoric Online

Steampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings

Dynamic Movement

Glass Dome included

Dimensions: 15″ x 8″ x 8″


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Steampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings

Creating steampunk art or fashion using real insects and metal parts can be a unique and intricate form of artistic expression. This combination of organic and mechanical elements adds a touch of surrealism and fascination to the steampunk aesthetic. Here’s a conceptual overview of how such a creation might be approached:

Selection of Insects:

Choose ethically sourced and preserved insects. Insect taxidermy is a practice where insects are preserved for artistic or scientific purposes. Ensure that the insects are obtained responsibly and without harm to the environment.
Metal Components:

Select a variety of metal parts and gears to complement the insects. Brass, copper, and bronze are commonly associated with steampunk aesthetics. Gears, cogs, and other mechanical components can be sourced from old watches, clocks, or even created from scratch.

Carefully mount the preserved insects onto metal surfaces or within metal frameworks. This can involve delicately attaching the insects to metal bases using wires or adhesives. Take care to preserve the insects’ natural shapes and features.
Steampunk Elements:

Enhance the steampunk theme by incorporating typical elements such as gears, levers, valves, and other mechanical details. Embed these elements in the design to create the appearance of a fusion between nature and machinery.
Paint and Patina:

Apply paints or patinas to the metal parts to give them an aged or weathered look. This adds to the vintage and industrial feel characteristic of steampunk design.
Display and Presentation:

Consider creating a display case or frame for the artwork. This not only protects the delicate components but also adds to the overall presentation. The case itself can be designed to reflect the steampunk aesthetic.
Functional Art:

If feasible, explore the possibility of making the steampunk insect creation functional. For example, you could integrate a small motor to create movement or incorporate LED lights for added visual appeal.

Steampunk often involves a narrative or story. Consider giving your creation a backstory. What purpose does this hybrid insect-machine serve in its fictional steampunk world? This narrative element can add depth and intrigue to your art.

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 in


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Steampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings Prehistoric OnlineSteampunk Butterfly, Flapping wings

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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