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Apollo 11 space flown Kapton foil


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Apollo 11 flown kapton foil

Space flown with COA

July 1969

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Apollo 11 space flown Kapton foil

This is a fragment of kapton foil that was attached to the exterior of the Apollo 11 command module during the historic space flight of July 1969. The Apollo command modules were coated in 18 layers of the foil to protect the capsule from the harsh environment of deep space. During re entry, the majority of this foil burned off in the atmosphere and what remained was removed by the recovery team to keep as souvenirs. This kapton foil originates from such a piece.

This presentation will include a copy of the original COA from a nasa manager stating they received it after the flight of Apollo 11.

The size of the kapton foil pieces is about 0.25 – 0.5 cm. due to the nature of the source material, the size of each individual artifact may vary slightly.

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