Mars rock, NWA 6963 IMCA registered Prehistoric Online
Mars rock, NWA 6963 IMCA registered Prehistoric Online
Mars rock, NWA 6963 IMCA registered Prehistoric Online

Mars rock, NWA 6963 IMCA registered

Mars Rock

Martian (Mars) meteorite

NWA 6963

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Registered with IMCA


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Mars rock, NWA 6963 IMCA registered.

This amazing and rare Lunar Meteorite is an end cut. Professionally cut and polished on one side and natural on the other.  The meteorite is a moon rock and is certified and registered with the IMCA.

NWA 6963 is an extraordinary meteorite that originated from Mars, making it a highly sought-after and scientifically significant extraterrestrial specimen. Classified as a Martian nakhlite, this meteorite is believed to have been ejected from the surface of Mars due to a powerful impact event, eventually making its way to Earth.

Discovered in northwest Africa (hence the “NWA” designation), NWA 6963 is composed primarily of minerals and materials that are characteristic of Martian geology. Its age is estimated to be around 1.3 billion years old, originating from a volcanic eruption on Mars that ejected it into space. The meteorite’s journey through the cosmos likely took millions of years before landing on Earth’s surface.

What makes NWA 6963 particularly fascinating to scientists is its composition. Studying this meteorite provides valuable insights into the geological history and processes that occurred on Mars. Analysis of its mineralogy and chemistry has revealed information about the planet’s mantle and crust, offering clues about ancient Martian volcanic activity and water alteration processes.

This Martian meteorite is also noteworthy for containing small pockets or vesicles that are believed to have trapped Martian atmosphere gases, providing scientists with a rare opportunity to study the chemical composition of Mars’ ancient atmosphere.

For enthusiasts and collectors, owning a piece of NWA 6963 is like holding a fragment of another world—a tangible connection to the Red Planet and a reminder of the mysteries waiting to be unraveled beyond Earth’s boundaries. Its rarity, scientific significance, and link to Mars make it a prized and awe-inspiring piece of our cosmic heritage.

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