Moon rock, NWA 10203 IMCA registered Prehistoric Online
Moon rock, NWA 10203 IMCA registered Prehistoric Online
Moon rock, NWA 10203 IMCA registered Prehistoric Online

Moon rock, NWA 10203 IMCA registered

Moon Rock

Lunar (Moon) meteorite

NWA 10203

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Registered with IMCA


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Moon rock, NWA 10203 IMCA registered.

This amazing and rare Lunar Meteorite is an end cut. Professionally cut and polished on one side and natural on the other.  The meteorite is a moon rock and is certified and registered with the IMCA.

NWA 10203 is a remarkable lunar meteorite, a fragment of the Moon that made its way to Earth as a result of an impact event. Discovered in Northwest Africa (hence the “NWA” designation), this meteorite is a breccia—a rock composed of various fragments cemented together—and it belongs to the lunar feldspathic regolith breccia group.

What sets NWA 10203 apart is its composition, which provides scientists with a window into the geological history of the Moon. It contains a mix of different materials, including basaltic and anorthositic clasts, along with impact-melt components. These components offer insights into the Moon’s surface and the processes that shaped it billions of years ago, such as impacts that led to the formation of lunar craters.

NWA 10203’s age is estimated to be around 2.4 billion years old, originating from the Moon’s surface. Its journey to Earth likely began when an impact on the Moon ejected this fragment into space. After a long voyage through the cosmos, it eventually fell to Earth as a meteorite.

Studying lunar meteorites like NWA 10203 helps scientists understand the Moon’s geological evolution, its surface characteristics, and the history of impact events that have shaped it. The rarity of lunar meteorites, coupled with their scientific significance, makes them highly valuable for researchers seeking to unravel the mysteries of our celestial neighbor.

For collectors and enthusiasts, owning a piece of NWA 10203 provides a tangible connection to the Moon—a piece of another world that sparks wonder and curiosity about the vastness of our solar system and the secrets held within its celestial bodies.

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