Moldavite, guaranteed 100% natural

Moldavite, guaranteed 100% natural Prehistoric Online
Moldavite, guaranteed 100% natural Prehistoric Online
Moldavite, guaranteed 100% natural Prehistoric Online
Moldavite, guaranteed 100% natural Prehistoric Online

Moldavite- Czech Republic

Dimension: approx 1 inch long

Moldau river valley, Bohemia


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Moldavite, guaranteed authentic!

Classic gem quality green Moldavite are the most beautiful of the tektites. Unusual splash forms make them highly prized among collectors. Tektites are formed when a huge meteor collides with the earth with such force that melted rock and meteorite are thrown at high speeds into the upper atmosphere. Here they cool and harden, preserving their splash, melted shape. Tektites are found in strew fields sometimes thousands of miles across. This occurred about 15 million years ago.

Moldavite is a fascinating and sought-after gemstone formed from the impact of a meteorite that crashed into what is now the Czech Republic around 15 million years ago. This greenish gem is a type of tektiteā€”a natural glass formed when meteorites strike the Earth’s surface, melting terrestrial rocks and ejecting them into the atmosphere where they solidify upon re-entry.

Renowned for its striking green color and unique texture, moldavite’s origins and scarcity contribute to its allure. Its distinctive appearance, characterized by intricate patterns and a glassy surface, sets it apart in the world of gemstones.

Considered a stone of transformation and spiritual awakening, moldavite is believed by some to carry powerful metaphysical properties. It’s associated with rapid personal evolution, facilitating deep meditation, and opening channels for heightened awareness and spiritual growth.

Moldavite’s energy is thought to be intense and transformative, aiding individuals in letting go of negative patterns and embracing positive changes in their lives. Its rarity and supposed mystical properties have made it a sought-after stone in the realm of alternative healing and spiritual practices.

Collectors, healers, and those interested in metaphysical properties often seek moldavite for its unique combination of beauty and purported energetic qualities. Jewelry crafted with moldavite is especially popular, allowing wearers to carry its alleged beneficial energies with them.

The discovery of moldavite’s extraterrestrial origin and its connection to ancient celestial events add to its allure, making it not just a gemstone but a piece of cosmic history that continues to captivate people around the world.

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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in
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Moldavite, guaranteed 100% natural Prehistoric OnlineMoldavite, guaranteed 100% natural

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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