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Apollo 13 space flown Kapton foil


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Apollo 13 space flown Kapton foil

Flown April 11-17, 1970

2-3 mm fragment

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Apollo 13 space flown Kapton foil

These are tiny, authentic pieces of the gold Kapton foil that covered the outside of the Apollo 13 command module, Odyssey, as part of the thermal protection system. These fragments flew around the moon and back to earth as part of the Apollo 13 mission.

Each fragment has been attached to a 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ copy of the original statement of authenticity which gives some history of the Kapton piece and verifies the Kapton as flown and authentic. Then a thin, clear plastic disk has been placed over the Kapton to protect it.

Also on the COA is a copy of the original parts removal tag indicating that the material being removed from Odyssey is “Crew Compartment Heat Shield Mylar, C/M 109”.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These piece of Kapton are TINY – about 2 or 3 millimeters

You know the story of Apollo 13, you’ve seen the movie…now you can own a genuine piece of the Odyssey Command Module spacecraft that flew to the moon and back to earth.

Again, each of these pieces is tiny, but they are all 100% genuine, flown to the moon Kapton from the Apollo 13 command module.

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